Holiday Hours

Below are the holiday hours for Next Day Signs:

Monday Dec 22nd: 9am-5:30pm

TuesdayDec 23rd: 9am-5:30pm

Wednesday Dec 24th: 9am-3pm

Thursday Dec 25th: Closed

Friday Dec 26th: Closed

Monday Dec 29th: 9am-5:30pm

Tuesday Dec 30th: 9am-5:30pm

Wednesday Dec 31st: 9am-3pm

Thursday Jan 1st: Closed

Friday Jan 2nd: 9am-5pm

When buying suits…

What do you think is the most important part in the process of sign ordering?  It’s not the production and it’s not the designing, but the approval of a proof. A proof is a mock-up of the sign before it is made, it gives the customer a chance to see what they should expect. It is vital for every customer to look over the proof for any errors or changes desired before approving it to be made, even if you feel secure in the description of your sign.

You wouldn’t buy a fitted suit and not try it on once before buying it would you?  Trying on the suit is not a mark of insult to the fitter, before sewing the garment together they want to make sure that not only does it fit you, but that it also compliments you and that you feel wonderful in your new clothes. So please make sure that before confirming an order for your sign that you look thoroughly through the proof provided for you. Also make sure to voice any questions and concerns that you have about the proof.

Happy Holidays

When we’re kids our Christmas lists can be the same length as a book, especially if we’re getting all those toy catalogs. As we get older, our lists tend to get shorter as many of us have already required the already needed or wanted material items.  However, I find that there is always something that we all want when the holidays appear;  a warm home, full bellies and good company. I hope that we are all able to find that this year.

Happy Holidays from Next Day Signs.

Holiday Hours

Next Day Signs would like to wish everyone safe travels to their destinations this Holiday. Below is a listing of what our hours will be for the week, any orders e-mailed after 3pm on Wednesday will be addressed on our next business day on Monday at 9am.

Monday: 9am – 5:30pm

Tuesday: 9am – 5:30pm

Wednesday: 9am – 3pm

Thursday: Closed

Friday: Closed

Staring at the Walls

Winter decided to slam into us today, low temperatures with buckets of snow. It’s this time of year when we try every excuse we can to stay inside, wait to go grocery shopping until all that’s left are condiments in the fridge. Pick out movies on Netflix, curling on the couch with a blanket, instead of facing the cold winds and make our way to a movie theater. For those not interested in winter sports it’s a lot of time to spend inside.

You get to really know the look of your home and office, especially if it’s looked the same for many years. Why not give it a little change? Perhaps move the furniture around, give it a good dusting and think about something new to hang on the wall; Maybe photographs of big celebrations or moments of inspiration. Sometimes just a nice abstract art dashed across the wall helps to break the monotonous continuity. A fresh look to help greet in the New Year, a project to share with your friends, or to show your customers that you’re still current.

Please keep Next Day Signs in your thoughts for these projects, and feel free to e-mail us with any quotes you need.

Hanging Banner Clamps

Hanging Banner Clamps


Next Day Signs would like to present a new item to our Trade Show / Display line up, the Hanging Banner clamp. As shown in the picture provided, the clamp system is an item inspired by the adjustable banner stands, without the need for the stand. The top clamp comes with two hooks for hanging from the ceiling, wall fixture, or other devices. The bottom clamp adds as both a weight and allows for a professional looking frame.

With the Hanging Banner clamps, you can easily interchange designs of different lengths. They are easy to display, take apart and travel with. It is a very economic option for display, as the clamps themselves are $26 per pair. The Hanging Banner clamps is an item we can provide with an average one-two day turn-around time in production. If you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail or call at 614-764-7446.

Prices for Signs

Getting a price for a sign can be much like getting prices on a pair of shoes, you’re never able to just walk into a shoe store and ask the nearest associate how much their shoes are, because there are many options that cause the price to vary. The same is with signs. When ordering a sign, please understand we will need a few details before we can give you a price for your order.

Just like with shoes, the first thing we need to know is your size. If you know the size of shoes you wear, that automatically knocks out a lot of the options that don’t apply to your needs. Even if you aren’t completely sure of the size, having an estimate helps more than nothing. Just make sure the size you have chosen works for your needs before finalizing your project.

Once you know your size, you get into the categories of shoes. Maybe you need some loafers or high heels for a professional event, heavy boots that have a lot of endurance, or just some cheap sandals that you plan to toss after summer. When ordering a sign, you may not be aware of all of the materials we can make signs out of, but if you give us some ideas of the occasion, we’ll help select the best ones for your needs.

Lastly, we get into those personal touches. You know the size of your shoe, and also the kind of shoe you need, but you can still choose between different styles. You can get the more economical shoe, or you can get the one in three different colors with buckles. Each shoe is going to have a different price range.

So keep in mind, when calling for prices on signs, we’ll need the same information as someone would need for shoes:

  1. Size
  2. Category
  3. Style

Events and Expos

Some of the upcoming Expos in Columbus are the Columbus Build Remodel & Landscape Expo, Wedding Extravaganza and the Arnold Fitness Expo. These events may still be a few months off, but if you are going to have a booth there, or at another event,  now is the perfect time to plan for them. Some of the larger scaled trade-show items we have need a couple weeks to be made, for example; Feather Flags, Cloth Table Banners, Large Velcro Boards, and Large Standing Wall Displays.

Those are just a few of our items. A majority of other signs can still be turned in around in a day or two, however, it’s still good to give yourself the extra time, then you won’t feel rushed in making decisions or picking up your order. A number of our other trade-show items are; Retractable Banner stands, Pop-up Banner Stands, Adjustable Banner Stands, Vinyl Table Banners, Table Top Signs and many more.

Feel free to look through our gallery of trade-show and display items for ideas, and please call with any questions.

Vehicle Lettering All Year Round

The seasons are changing but it’s not too late to get lettering or graphics put on your vehicle. Next Day Signs is equipped with indoor space for vehicles, so we can install graphics at any point of the year. We have both regular vinyl and perforated vinyl , giving you the chance to decorate your windows without compromising your visibility. If interested feel free to bring your vehicle by during our open hours. We’ll take measurements, pictures and get a chance to hear about the design you’d like face to face. With the pictures we took we’ll be able to send you mock-up designs through e-mail with pricing for your intended project.

If you’re looking for something less permanent we also make vehicle magnets. Common sizes for front door magnets are 24” wide, and either  12” or 18” tall. The height is dependent on vehicles and whether or not there are any ridges across the doors, magnets must lay completely flat against the vehicle. Larger and custom sizes are also available.

Now Hiring


Next Day Signs LLC. Located at 6403 Nicholas Dr. Columbus Ohio (off of Rt. 161, between Sawmill and 315) has an opening for 30-40 hr employee.
Store Hours are Monday-Thursday 9-5:30pm and Friday 9-5pm, closed on Saturday & Sunday.

Required Experience/Skills
– Customer Service and/or retail sales support
– Ability to lift 50 lbs when needed.

Preferred Experience/Skills
– Basic Carpentry/Construction Skills (use of standard power tools)
– Design/Color Composition

About the Job:
70% of time: Producing signs, to include; weeding, taping, cutting & panel saw use, and application.
10% of time: Installation of signs; post-hole digging, mounting, scaffolding and application.
20% Customer Service Support, receiving orders by phone or in person. Possibly delivery of signs.

What we are looking for in a full time worker:
-Dependability: Arrives on time for shifts, can work independently.
-Physical Abilities: This job is mainly performed standing, some lifting required, climbing on a ladder, scaffold building and climbing for installation.
-Attention to detail, math skills, safety awareness, comprehensive tool skills and understanding of color composition
-Must be okay with dogs: Store has a 10 year old golden lab, very friendly.

If interested please send resume and cover letter to