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Next Day Signs can accept a variety of artwork formats including pdf, eps, jpg, tiff, ai, psd, and png.  For Adobe files, save as CS5 or earlier.  Vector based graphics (pdf, eps, ai) are preferred as they allow for better flexibility for sizing and editing elements, and include outlines so that they can be used for cuts – contour or plotter output.   See below for an example of vector vs bitmap graphics.

Colors will print best if they are output as a Pantone or CMYK.  RGB converts to CMYK in printing and may not produce intended output. Remember that computer monitors display differently, so how something looks on a screen may not be the same as in print.  If precise color is needed, please contact us to print a sample first, before approving for full production.

Images (jpg, tiff, png) should have a minimum resolution of 150 ppi at full print size.  The best photos to use are generally taken with a digital camera or smartphone with higher settings, or purchases from a stock photo site.  Resolution should be 150 ppi at full print size.  Note – images that are copied from websites will not have a high enough resolution to print a good quality enlargement as they are normally 72 ppi and smaller in size than they appear visually on the screen.

We will not print trademarked materials unless you can prove ownership.






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