When buying suits…

What do you think is the most important part in the process of sign ordering?  It’s not the production and it’s not the designing, but the approval of a proof. A proof is a mock-up of the sign before it is made, it gives the customer a chance to see what they should expect. It is vital for every customer to look over the proof for any errors or changes desired before approving it to be made, even if you feel secure in the description of your sign.

You wouldn’t buy a fitted suit and not try it on once before buying it would you?  Trying on the suit is not a mark of insult to the fitter, before sewing the garment together they want to make sure that not only does it fit you, but that it also compliments you and that you feel wonderful in your new clothes. So please make sure that before confirming an order for your sign that you look thoroughly through the proof provided for you. Also make sure to voice any questions and concerns that you have about the proof.

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