Staring at the Walls

Winter decided to slam into us today, low temperatures with buckets of snow. It’s this time of year when we try every excuse we can to stay inside, wait to go grocery shopping until all that’s left are condiments in the fridge. Pick out movies on Netflix, curling on the couch with a blanket, instead of facing the cold winds and make our way to a movie theater. For those not interested in winter sports it’s a lot of time to spend inside.

You get to really know the look of your home and office, especially if it’s looked the same for many years. Why not give it a little change? Perhaps move the furniture around, give it a good dusting and think about something new to hang on the wall; Maybe photographs of big celebrations or moments of inspiration. Sometimes just a nice abstract art dashed across the wall helps to break the monotonous continuity. A fresh look to help greet in the New Year, a project to share with your friends, or to show your customers that you’re still current.

Please keep Next Day Signs in your thoughts for these projects, and feel free to e-mail us with any quotes you need.

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