Go Bucks!

Columbus is filled with anticipation today for the Buckeye game against Oregon. I am already planning my evening; I know a nap will have to be involved since the game can easily go until one in the morning, and Next Day Signs plans to be open at our regular business hours. Not only will I be staying up for the game, but so will everyone else at our store. I believe Tuesday morning will be a very interesting time for Columbus, most will be tired along with either elevation from a win or, dare I say it, sadness from a loss.

I think many places that serve coffee will see an increase in their business as we all combat a lack of sleep. If I worked in such an area I would use the opportunity to have a promotional sale, perhaps ‘4 doughnut holes with every purchase of two coffees’.  I have already heard many promotional commercials on the radio for Krogers who is selling duck for the game.

When these opportunities arise you must seize them. You might think it’s just ‘one day’ of increased traffic, but in reality every day is a chance to earn a new patron, some days just make it a lot easier! For when you need those rushed ads, please consider Next Day Signs.

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