Community Events

It’s been a rainy spring and a sweltering summer, some say this year is even hotter than last year. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, there’s certainly been a lot of humidity, but I remember last year there being a lot of weeks in the nineties. Last weekend, when the temperatures were bearable for being outside longer than opening the door, I decided to try out a CO-GO bike and explored both Audubon Park and Bicentennial Park.

I was surprised to see how much was going on in the city, there are so many events that happen that I never hear about. I use the website Underground Columbus sometimes but otherwise unless I see a poster, or hear about it from a friend, I usually don’t learn about these events. In what ways would you advertise one? Out of curiosity I decided to do a google search, and community signage was listed as one of the most prevalent ways to promote.

I think that makes sense, I drive the same route from home to work twice a day. If there was a sign planted in that pathway to advertise an event a week away I would most likely see it ten times. And considering the painstakingly long rush-hour traffic, I would probably have the leisure of reading it two or three times before the car in front of me moved. I might even be able to write down all the information and send a text to a friend, though of course not while I was driving.

However, when it comes to promoting on the internet, which was another option suggested. Chances would be that I would see it only once, during a moment of boredom where I’d make less than a two-second decision on whether or not I would consider noting the information or continue to scroll down. So I wonder why people don’t use signs more often for events, it would really help me plan my weekend.

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