Wall Wraps Sprucing-Up Offices

Whenever we receive new print materials at Next Day Signs we test the material personally before recommending it to other customers. After one year of testing Phototex, we took the leap and decorated our entire lobby wall with it. It has been four years since then and I have to say I’m still pleased with how our wall looks. The color hasn’t faded, nor have the panels pealed at all, and I love the reaction we get from new customers who see it for the first time.

Even more so, I love some of the creations our customers have thought up as they’ve purchased it for their own businesses. It brings a real pizazz versus a blank painted wall, and the plus side is how hassle-free it is to work with the material. I have personally applied a panel to a painted wall and five years later went to remove it; it left no adhesive residue, it didn’t remove the paint and I was able to reapply it with no issue. Making the material perfect for rented offices or even personal decorations such as an apartment.