Magical Spring

Spring has a lot of magical things going for it. The sunlight starts coming back for longer portions of the day. It brings warm weather after months inside, which most people celebrate (aside from us winter folks). It makes a lot of colors we haven’t seen in a while, most importantly, green. It brings rain that washes off all the salt on our cars and makes them look three years newer.

It also really makes us notice the dust we’ve let settled in because we were too cold to brush it away or unable to crack a window to let fresh air in. I’m not normally a cleaning type of person, that’s not to say that I’m a slob. I clean enough to keep things decent, but should a see a little bit of dust I’ll still be able to sleep at night if I don’t get it.

However, not in spring, that’s how magical it is. The hardest part about cleaning around the office is that I want to start making new signs, because I love the finished clean cut it has. Its new appearance is pleasing to my eye because it’s not the same sign I’ve been staring at for months already. It’s fresh, it keeps me creative and my mind motivated. What magical things does spring do to you?