January 3rd, 2012
Author: Amanda
The first day back at work for the new year is refreshing. I feel motivated and energized for the new year thanks to all the changes we’ve made recently. For one, the lobby has been completely reorganized, only one part of it looks the same as before. Having a new perception of the store helped inspire little brain storms of how else we can improve the store. Before long we were going through the entire store, reorganizing and disposing of what was no longer needed. A new idea that occurred to us was to have a ‘dollar menu’. Left over materials from large cut boards would be placed aside for the ‘dollar menu’. A customer can purchase each piece for $1 as is, and then pay an additional amount for any lettering or pictures they would like to place on it. It may not be the best solution for a professional sign, but it’s perfect for people who want a small sign for fun, as a personal gift or something they can use to decorate their office, home, den, garage, tree-house, pet-house,etc.

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