Graduation Banners F.A.Q

Q: Where can I order my graduation banner?

A: A graduation banner can be ordered off our website [Click Here] . You may also stop by our store location or call in to place your order, however the online 15% discount will not apply then.


Q: How quickly can I get my graduation banner?

A: We strive to have a fast turn-around time and produce all banners the next day from their approval. However, there are some occasions when we are most busy that it will take two business days. You may always call to double-check if you have a particular deadline.


Q: How do I add a personal photo onto my graduation banner order online?

A: To opt for a personal photo, you will first need to select the option for personal photo.  You will complete and submit your order without yet sending in your photo. Once the order is submitted you can send us your photo through our hightail account. [A direct link is here]. You can also find this link on our website, in the top black bar labeled as ‘Send Us Files’.


Q: What’s the pole kit? Or the Tie-downs?

A: Our pole kit is made out of PVC piping to frame around your banner and place in the yard, it stands just under 4’ tall. Tie-downs are an additional option; rough string and hooks to secure the pole-kit in a style similar to a tent.


Q: Will the banner be okay in the rain?

A: Yes, all of our banners are waterproof and made to last outside for a long time. We do suggest however that banners are taken down during extremely windy days to help prevent tearing on corners.


Q: What if I want my graduation banner to be unique and something different from your online order form?

A: We are happy to do custom banner orders. Custom orders are priced differently from the template orders; based on size, design and set-up. If you have a design already in mind you can submit it through our ‘Send Us Files’ link, found on the top of our website in the black bar. We will be happy to respond and let you know the price range for your project.