Holiday Hours

Monday 23rd: 9am – 5:30pm

Tuesday 24th: Closed

Wednesday 25th: Closed

Thursday 26th & Friday 27th: 9am – 3pm

Monday 30th: 9am – 5:30pm

Tuesday 31st: 9am – 3pm

Wednesday 1st: Closed

Thursday 2nd: Resume Normal Business Hours

American Flags Available

We have American Flags, 3′ x 5′ and 4 x 6′ ready and in stock for the upcoming 4th of July Independence Day. These flags are of a high quality; each star is embroidered and the stripes sewn, with brass grommet rings for the flag pole. All flags have double-stitched seams to help ensure a long lifespan, protection against UV Rays and protection against rain. (Flagpoles not included.)         SunBriteUSFlag

* 3 x 5′ American Flag: $49 ea

* 4′ x 6′ American Flag: $72 ea

Taxes not included



Next Day Signs store holiday hours are:

Monday – Wednesday,  9am – 5:30pm

Thursday  (July 4th) – CLOSED

Friday (July 3rd) – CLOSED

F.A.Q for Graduation Banners

The season is upon us again for graduation celebrations and parties. As always, Next Day Signs LLC allows you to order your graduation banner online through our online ordering process. Below is a list of frequently asked questions concerning the online ordering.


Q. When will my banner be done?

A.  We have a lot of banner orders this time of month and try to process each as quickly as possible. Depending on when you order the banner may be ready next day. It is best to order your banner 2-3 days ahead if possible.


Q. Do I have to pick my banner up?

A. Banners are normally picked up from our store, however if this does not fit into your availability, with an extra fee a courier service can deliver it to you. The fee ranges on the distance between your location and ours.


Q. Do I need a pole-kit? What is a pole-kit?

A. Our pole kit is a bundle of pre-cut PVC piping made to hold a graduation banner above the ground. It stands close to four feet from the ground and is held in place with two PVC stakes hammered into the ground. The Tie Downs, which is an added option with the pole-kit, is fine roping and stakes to further hold it into place. If you do not choose a Pole-Kit option, your banner will still have grommets placed accordingly on the banner so that it may be hung.


Q. How do I get to you my picture?

A. When placing an order, you will finish and submit your order (having chosen the photo option). Then on our regular homepage you will click on ‘Send Us Files’ located on the right side of the black bar of options. This will open another window leading you to YouSendIt.Com, where you can upload your photo into our dropbox.

Now Hiring Part Time

Next Day Signs LLC.  has an opening for a part-time employee, part-time hours (appox. 20), can be flexible. More hours may be available in May and June, during our busiest months, and during busier weeks throughout the year. Please e-mail resume to

Previous experience in an office or shop environment requested.

About the Job:

80% of the job will be focused in the production of signs, requires standing. Production of signs (which we will train you on) includes; weeding, transfer taping, cutting, and application.

20% Customer Service, helping to answer the phone when we’re busy or handling a customer that enters.


What we are looking for in a part-time worker:

-Dependability: Arrives on time for shifts, can work diligently without supervision

-Physical Abilities: This job is mainly performed standing, some lifting required

-Attention to detail, math skills, safety awareness and understanding of color composition

-Must be okay with dogs: Store has a 9year old golden lab brought to work each day, very friendly, usually spends all day sleeping.

-Position is perfect for college students with flexible scheduling around classes.

What Spring Brings

A sunny 64 degree Sunday, followed by a damp and wet Monday encourages me to just retreat home and curl up with a new book. I wish it had been snow, as I am an avid skier, but spring is a good season too, even with all the rain it brings. It’s a chance to bring my friends out of their houses (those that chose to hibernate versus ski with me), and do more active things outside. All the grass and leaves come growing back in the most vibrant green.

It’s also the coming time of graduations, students finishing up either high school or college. The time for planning celebration parties, barbeques, and games. The time when you realize you do need a calendar for the year to keep track of everything, and maybe a few other items for your parties. If you have any interest in a graduation banner, please check our online ordering where you can receive a discount. Prices are listed on the page, no cost to take a glance.

Window Lettering: Inside or Outside?

Window Lettering: Inside or Outside?

Unless specified, all of our window lettering is made to place on the outside of the window. The reason for this is that most windows are tinted in some way to help against sun rays. If the lettering was on the inside of the window facing out it would not be as visible. If the window was not tinted, then it can still be difficult to read lettering on the inside depending on the position of the sun, or if outdoor lighting is present at night.

It’s without a doubt that outside lettering has the best visibility, yet there are still individuals cautious about. I think it’s because they don’t understand the durability of what they’re getting. The adhesion on our vinyl lettering is meant to withstand outdoor conditions (rain, snow, heat and cold) for roughly 6 years. Some people also express a worry of vandalism, thinking kids or teenagers might be able to pick it off. Should someone take off the lettering, they would need certain tools to help with gripping the lettering and quite some time to be able to remove all the lettering.

When I am equipped with both tools and chemical sprays to remove simple store hour lettering, the process takes me a half an hour to complete.

Six more weeks of Winter or Spring?

It’s hard to imagine that just last week, on Tuesday, Aaron and I were outside installing four signs at Shadow Lake Apartments. Each sign that we were installing required a post hole to be dug and it was quite a lovely day, because thankfully that was one of the rare warm January days. It was in the high fifties, and there had been a nice rain earlier to make the ground moist for digging.

I was very thankful to not have to do the install in twenty degree weather, with the ground frozen and the snow covering my level before I can read it. I’m not sure how construction crews manage it, but I have a new appreciation for them now. I love winter and the snow, but more for skiing on it than to be working outside. So while Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, and we’re ‘expecting’ 6 more weeks of spring, I’m actually okay if it’s just a mix between the two seasons.

Progress Trail

As winter can be a somewhat slower season for us, it gives us time to clean up around the shop. Sometimes the time to muse over rearranging the furniture for a new look or trying our hand at organizing everything better. However this time it was more of a virtual cleaning. Our fileserver was closing in on its maximum capacity and we needed to free up some space. The first folder I tackled was Pictures, we like to take pictures of completed work and have kept files since the company came under new ownership in 2007.

The pictures I deleted were either duplicates, blurry or poorly taken. It was a lot of pictures to sort through, and nostalgic. Call me silly but the pictures helped me to remember some of the first signs I ever assembled. It showed a trail of progress that not only I but everyone else at the shop has made over the years. And the shop itself, seeing the improvement of quality in the signs with both our growing expertise and the new equipment in the shop. I’ll be uploading pictures to the website over the next few days, some old and some new, maybe you’ll see the improvement too.

Also, my efforts cleared up 5GB of space. We like to take pictures.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s been a nice winter so far, enough snow to make it possible to enjoy the winter sports of skiing and snowboarding (which is a big thing for many of the people at the shop). I think there was enough for kids to have one snow day, so check mark on that wish list. On Friday we’re going to have a really warm day, high around 55 degrees, some are even thinking 60’s before we fall back into our winter weather. So if there’s anything you have that needs to be done outdoors, Friday is your day.

In the mean time when the winter returns to us, keep in mind that if you’re interested in vehicle lettering, we have a garage in which to work from. Now’s the time to get that off your checklist if you’ve always wanted to get your company name across your car before you get too busy to be able to part with it.